In the beginning

Almost two generations ago, back in the days when the locals would walk singing down to the beach to swim in the deep blue waters of the sea, the grandfather of Zorzos family cultivated cherry tomatoes and other products of Santorini on the piece of land by the volcanic Perivolos beach that was to become one of the most beautiful hotels of coastal Santorini. Here, Marillia Hotel would be built slowly, with love and strong dedication to hospitality… moment of their holidays spent with us is memorable and perfect. Welcome to Marillia, where all your holiday dreams come true!

The first steps

From laying the foundation stone in the early ‘90s to 1993, when it welcomed its first guests, Marillia Hotel and especially its people never stopped loving this extraordinary establishment and sharing it generously by offering heartfelt hospitality to visitors from all over the world. In the beginning, in addition to those first rooms, Marilia also included a small convenience store that catered to guests as well as the neighbouring area. After 1993, however, at the ever-evolving Marillia Hotel, guests had the chance to experience our profound love for the island, authentic Santorinian hospitality, wonderful summer moments and together we created unique memories. Today, we celebrate exactly that; 30 years of history!

The colourful years

In the decades that followed, Marillia Hotel grew in more ways than one, improving and adapting to the needs and demands of each coming era, but also, of each individual guest. Marilia has evolved into an irresistible hospitality proposal at the – now cosmopolitan – Perivolos of Santorini, a destination for countless guests returning time and time again. A grounds-up renovation in 2010 brought about bright colour, an inviting pool area, and attentive services offering all that the Zorzos family had promised to the Marillia Hotel guests over the years. An authentic, unforgettable holiday experience in Santorini!

The people

After 30 full years of operation, it’s hard not to look back at all that made Marillia Hotel. Father… who planted the gardens with his own two hands, who, to this very day takes care of them, creating a unique microclimate. His daughter Ilianna, who took over and developed every aspect of the hotel to later hand it over to her younger sister Theorgia, today’s host who welcomes, upkeeps and elevates the extraordinary Marillia Hotel, but also their brother Christoforos, who undertook the 2020 renovation and created the exotically unique ambience you enjoy when entering Marillia.


As beautiful as our story may be, it is time to talk about the years ahead, about the summers we will spend together in our wonderful gardens, in rooms and suites with their own swimming pool at Marillia Hotel, in the restaurant with the delicious flavours, but also, in the absolute carefreeness found by our pool. Let’s start dreaming of the next 30 years, always keeping in our hearts and minds the warmth of Perivolos’ black sand, the coolness of the sea, the authenticity, and the unique beauty of Santorini. Welcome to Marillia Hotel!

Marillia Village Santorini | Hotel in Perivolos, Santorini, Greece

Zorzou Theorgia

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