Pleasure for all the senses

One can truly enjoy a destination as amazing as Santorini through experiences meant to indulge the senses. Under the bright Greek sun, a plethora of tastes, sights, sounds and pleasures await, and they are all meant for you to savour and enjoy. Step right in and prepare for the amazing experiences of Marillia Apartments & Suites, curated with utmost attention to detail to elevate your summer holidays in Santorini.

Rejuvenate body and spirit immersed in the unique atmosphere of Santorini as you enjoy a holistic wellness experience at Marillia Hotel.
Horse-back riding tours, sightseeing excursions, and more, all can easily be arranged by the dedicated people of Marillia Apartments & Suites.
Nothing says summer better than the inviting coolness of the swimming pool. Right in the heart of the Marillia Apartments & Suites complex.
The most special day of your life deserves to be flawless, and the people of Marillia Apartments & Suites are here to make your wedding unforgettable.
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