Santorini, a magical destination

Amongst the beautiful Cyclades Islands, in the heart of the Aegean Sea lies an island more special than anything you could ever imagine. You have admired its imposing caldera in countless magazine spreads and postcards, and word of its breath-taking sunsets has reached your dreams to share a secret: Santorini is heaven on earth!

This tiny speck of land, cursed and blessed by the volcano, is dreamier than anything you could ever imagine; the whitewashed homes of the caldera, colourful volcanic beaches – fierce and irresistible at the same time – its rich heritage and tradition, and its powerful tastes and aromas create a whole that surprises every time. Take your time to get to know this little slice of heaven and let your heart fall deeply in love.


Dating back to antiquity, Santorini’s rich history is full of wonder, and it’s worth exploring every corner of the island to uncover all its secrets. The first stop in your quest should be the prehistoric city of Akrotiri, also known as the Pompeii of the Aegean Sea, as this highly evolved civilization faced its demise by the volcanic eruption of 1600 BC that shaped the island to its crescent moon shape and forged the imposing caldera at its crater. Ancient Thera at the top of Mesa Vouno Mt. is another ancient city that never stops impressing its visitors with its majestic array of temples, 

theatres and marketplaces, making their way through the centuries and welcoming visitors from around the world. During the medieval era, Santorini was constantly targeted by corsairs, and the need for shelter led to the unique architecture we still admire today. Cave-like homes, carved in the volcanic rock and virtually unseen from afar were a way for the locals to protect themselves, and homes built close together to shape a fortress led to the famous Kastelia of Santorini. Evocative remnants of the past are evident throughout the island to this day; explore and discover them all!

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It’s hard to say when sightseeing begins or ends when in Santorini, as this majestic island has surprises popping up around each corner, and every step you take unveils another breath-taking wonder. But, if we were to make a list of the places you should definitely look for, then that list would have the imposing caldera and the capital of Fira right at the top. Fira is the heart of Santorini, the centre of the island and its lifestyle. From Fira, the entire world is at your feet; elegant shopping venues, sublime restaurants, cafés and bars, museums and imposing churches, all revolving around the majestic caldera. Along its cliffs, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Oia, all wondrous locations, each with its own character and all boasting superb views to the sea and the sunset.The medieval Kastelia offer another look into Santorini’s rich past; look for Pyrgos and Emporio for their otherworldly ambience, Oia and Akrotiri for their colourful traditional style and their Goulades towers, and the imposing Rock of Skaros at Imerovigli for the astonishing sunset views. That should be the start of any sightseeing venture around the island of Santorini. For more suggestions, itineraries, or to arrange private sightseeing tours, feel free to consult with the Marillia concierge. 


Santorini is known for its unusual volcanic coastline. On one side, the rugged cliffs of the caldera, towering over the sunken crater of the volcano. On the other, each beach is yet another surprise of colourful beauty that will enchant your hearts. Starting from the black sanded beach of Perivolos just steps away from Marillia, and its natural extension, the beach of Kamari, the centres of seaside summer fun of Santorini. Close to them, the white cliffs of Vlychada are an inspiring spot with an otherworldly appeal, whereas the famous Red and White beaches are unlike anything you have ever seen. Some more coastal gems to look for are the maroon cliffs of Ammoudi bay, directly beneath Oia, and the secluded Koloumbos and Kambia beaches. The Marillia concierge would be delighted to share tips and directions to all amazing beaches of Santorini.


Marillia Village
Marillia Village
Marillia Village


The flavours and aromas of Santorini
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Another gift of the volcano, the soil of Santorini brings forth produce that stands out for its high quality and intense taste. Sumptuous yellow fava, unique white eggplants, fiery cherry tomatoes and spicy capers are some of the quintessential Santorinian products to sample, and local recipes based on their unique tastes are truly palatable! Modern Santorinian cuisine, in particular, pays homage to the rich culinary traditions of the island, and in inspired restaurants across the island, you can savour unique local tastes in creative, contemporary renditions.

At the same time, the waterless soils and the distinct micro-climate of Santorini favour the island’s viniculture. Strong varieties with intense aromas and taste create delightful local wines, and in wineries around the island, you can indulge in wine tastings, idyllic vineyard tours or even cooking classes and more authentic experiences revolving around the wines of Santorini. The concierge of Marillia would be happy to arrange a wine tasting tour to some of the most intriguing local wineries just for you. 


Things to Do Around Santorini

There is a wide selection of exciting activities to try all around the island of Santorini, and the Marillia Apartments & Suites concierge is at your utter disposal to assist you with suggestions, itineraries and arrangements. From the most popular activity among visitors of Santorini, private or semi-private cruises to the volcanoes and around Santorini’s coastal gems throughout the day, to guided sightseeing tours, horseback riding expeditions, hiking or mountain climbing and so much more, you will be amazed by the natural beauty you will get to enjoy during your treks.

Check out popular routes and activity proposals with our concierge and set out to enjoy a different side of the amazing Santorini, through exciting activities for everyone!

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